Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Heart Aches

He's so tired.  He brushes his teeth then lays down to go to sleep but he forgot to check his blood sugar so I do.  He's at 94 so I go in the kitchen to get him some juice.  As I'm sitting there watching him drink the juice my heart aches & tears fill my eyes (but he can't see that without his glasses).  I know how bad juice tastes after you just brushed your teeth (ick) but my heart aches because he HAS to drink juice before going to sleep.

Most days I'm fine and go about the day as we always do, but there are those moments when you just look at the person you love that has type 1 diabetes and wish there was something you could do.  I often feel helpless.  I try so hard to get his basals right, carb count accurately, but sometimes it just doesn't work and they end up with a high or a low.  Just today, he was at 43.  Why?  He carb counted correctly, no more activity than usual, his basals have been set for a while....There just seemed to be no reason.  Was it a bad strip?  All these questions go through my mind.  My heart aches for him right now but he doesn't know it.

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