Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Free Clinic

Last year we were in a bad situation, we were low income and without health insurance.  There was no way we could afford insulin, let alone any of the other supplies.  We found a free clinic and to my amazement they gave him his vials of insulin, test strips, and needles free of charge.  I felt so relived.  Well, the next time he had to go we weren't so lucky.  The person "in charge" of the office did not understand what TYPE 1 DIABETES really meant and when I called to make sure they had his insulin in stock, she said that they are not a pharmacy and can't just "give it away".  I explained how we'd already been there and he is a Type 1 and needs this to live.  She did not understand and was unwilling to help.  I begged to talk to the doctor since I knew he'd understand, but she refused to put him on the phone.  Even the health department refused to help.  We were out of options and were forced to move to another state that would be willing to help him.

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